Phil Beaumont - vocals, bass

Dmitri Dziensuwski - guitar, banjo

Yuko Sugiyama - Drums

Matt Resovich - violin, 

with esteemed guests

Rob Crow - vocals, piano, guitar

Joe Plummer - Drums


All the nights she spent .jpg

News & Updates

little white teeth has been nominated for a San Diego Music Award for Best Local Recording for Songs the Attic Sings...recorded in our attic.


Between Stations, the first song off "Songs the Attic Sings' was used in a video by Brandon Harmann for FInnish magazine - Trendi. Or at least that's what we are told



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Trestle copy.jpg
Trestle copy.jpg

Songs the Attic Sings

by little white teeth

filmed in the Hong Kong subway system - for 'Between Stations' from the album 'Songs the Attic Sings'

filmed on the train between Berlin and Prague - for the song 'Put the Women in Charge' from the album 'little white teeth'